Generalitat de Catalunya. Departament d'Educaciķ


Answer the questions by choosing the right answer.
  • 1. Where can you find super foods?
  • Only in groceries.
    In grocery stores and supermarkets.
    Only in supermarkets.

  • 2. Why are they called “super foods”?
  • Because they are healthier and more nutritious than other kinds of food.
    Because they are very easy to find.
    Because they are unprocessed.

  • 3. What are the most outstanding features of super foods?
  • They are usually unprocessed, organic and fresh.
    They can be found in supermarkets at reasonable prices.
    They go beyond basic nutrition.

  • 4. Are super foods always unprocessed?
  • Yes, they are only called super foods if they are unprocessed and organic.
    No, sometimes they also can be found as canned varieties.
    No, only canned healthy food can be called super food.

  • 5. What is most important for specific ailment?
  • Specific foods.
    A healthy and constant diet .
    A healthy and diverse diet.

  • 6. What are the most outstanding properties of nuts?
  • They are rich in vitamin C, fiber and potassium.
    They are rich in healthy fat and prevent urinary tract infections.
    They are rich in protein, healthy fat and fiber.

  • 7. What does Elizabeth Somer think about diet?
  • It has a big influence in present and future health.
    It has a big influence in movement.
    It makes you feel a 70% better.

  • 8. Who can benefit from a healthy diet?
  • Only healthy people who make a few tweaks in their habits.
    People who need to have healthier habits.