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King Arthur and his knights

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    Merlin took Arhtur, the son of Uther Pendragon, King of Britain, away the court .When the king died, a new king needed. Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone and the new king. Arthur was very adventurous but some noblemen didn’t to obey him. One day, he against Pellinore but Merlin stopped the fight.

    During the fight with Sir Pellinore, King Arthur’s sword broken. Merlin Arthur to a lake, where an arm was holding a sword. Arthur saw a beautiful Lady, The Lady of the lake, and asked her the sword.

    Arthur was invited by King Leogradance to a royal banquet. There, he Princess Guinevere. King Arthur in love with her and they were married.


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    • Imagine you are one of the characters from the story. Create your avatar in Voki, give it your voice and tell the story from your own point of view.