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King Arthur and his knights


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    • 1. The story of King Arthur is...

        only a legend
        a true story
        a mixture of legend and actual facts

    • King Arthur
    • 2. Arthur had a counsellor named...

        Uther Pendragon
        Sir Ector

    • 3. What words were written on the stone with a sword in it:

        He who pulls the sword out this stone is the best knight of Britain
        You will be the next King of Britain
        He who pulls the sword out of this stone is the true King of Britain

    • 4. King Arthur’s castle was in...


    • 5. According to the book, King Arthur was...

        courageous, loyal and friendly
        friendly and loyal but cowardly
        really unfriendly but very loyal

    • King Arthur
    • 6. Arthur’s sword was called...

        Dozmary Pool

    • 7. Who gave Arthur his sword?

        His father
        The Lady of the Lake

    • 8. The scabbard was magic. When King Arthur wore it...

        he would be rich
        he wouldn’t bleed
        he wouldn't be wounded

    • 9. King Arthur helped King Leodegrance to fight against...

        Uther Pendragon
        the Saxons
        the Romans