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King Arthur and his knights

• The legend of King Arthur is a well-known story. Nowadays, we can find references to it in literature but also in films.

• Who was King Arthur? Did King Arthur really exist? Watch the video:



In medieval times, and across the years, many historians and writers wrote about King Arthur. In the 9th century, Nennius wrote the Historia Brittonum, where he presented King Arthur fighting against the Saxons. In the 12th century, Geoffrey of Monmouth considered Arthur King of Britain. Sir Thomas Malory, in the 15th century, wrote about King Arhtur and the Knights of The Round Table.

These, and many others, retold the life and deeds of the valerous king. The compilation of all the oral and written works related to that theme is called the Arthurian legend. As a legend, the story of King Arthur mixes real and unreal facts. It is known, as a fact, that there has never been a king with such a name, while this name appears associated to a Celtic leader who fought against the Saxons.